Wednesday, November 28, 2012

38 Bhagavatha -- The playful activities of Krishna

Balarama and Krishna began to sport in Gokula going about in hands and knees. The mothers, Rohini and Yashoda experienced ecstatic joy beholding their cheerful and charming countenance. The boys were old enough to engage in some playful activities. They would catch hold of the tail of calves and be dragged by them all around Vraja, delighting the gopis. The boys became restless and the mothers could not restrain them for long. In course of time, they were on their feet. Their boyish pranks made the gopis complain about them to Yashoda.
"Krishna steals and swallows our curds, butter and milk with the help of his friends. They untie the calves and let the calves suck all the milk from their mothers. He breaks all our milk pots. He also feeds the monkeys with stolen butter. If he doesn't find anything in a house, he departs after pinching the baby of the house and making it cry. He does other mischievous acts and sits by your side like an innocent boy." Yashoda was not inclined to rebuke Krishna. She merely stood laughing.

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