Tuesday, November 27, 2012

37 Bhagavatha - Trinavartha 

Yashoda was fondling Krishna in her lap, when suddenly she could not bear the weight of her son, who became as heavy as a hillock. Astonished, she placed Krishna on the ground and carried on with her worldly activities, contemplating on the Supreme that no harm come to her child.
Trinavarta was an asura sent by Kamsa sent to kill Krishna. He took the form a whirlwind and blinding the whole of Gokula with dust, carried Krishna into the vortex of wind. (Krishna made himself heavy in Yashoda's lap as he did not want Yashoda also be sucked into the whirlwind). Yashoda unable to see Krishna in the place where she had left him, lamented. Helpless, the cowherd womenfolk also wept.
Trinavarta carried away Krishna higher and higher to the skies, but could not proceed further, as he felt he was carrying a huge burden. Krishna had kept increasing his weight. Unable to tolerate the weight, the demon tried to cast him away (assuming his original form). But Krishna had him by the throat. With an indistinct groan, the demon died.
The monstrous figure of Trinavarta fell down from the skies onto a rock and all his limbs were shattered. The cowherds rushed to the spot and secure Krishna, who was dangling from the ogre's chest and return him toYashoda.  Nanda was amazed at such wonders at Gokula and the precise prophecy of Vasudeva.

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