Thursday, November 29, 2012

39 Bhagavatha - Grace on Yashoda
One day, while at play the cowherd boys headed by Balarama complained to Yashoda: "Krishna has eaten mud." Yashoda grabs Krishna by the hand and chides him. "Is that so?"  Krishna protests: "They're all lying, mother. If you think they speak the truth, you can examine my mouth with your own eyes." Yashoda says: "If so, then open your mouth."
Krishna opens his mouth. In the Lord's mouth, Yashoda beholds the whole universe, the four quarters, the terrestrial globe, consisting of a variety of organisms, the elements of nature, their own place Vraja, including herself and her son, Krishna. She was dismayed. "Is this a dream or an illusion set up by the Lord or is it a delusion of my own mind or some inborn characteristic divine glory of this infant of mine? I bow down to that Supreme which is most difficult to comprehend." She takes him on his lap with motherly affection, as the revelation had instantly disappeared.
Parikshit asks Shukha, "O Brahman, what meritorious act did Nanda perform so as to deserve such great fortune? What did Yashoda do to deserve this grace of Hari, which even his parents Devaki and Vasudeva did not get to behold?"
Sukha continues his narration:
Brahma had asked the gods and rishis to be incarnated in Vraja as a preparation for the Lord's avatara. Drona was foremost of the Vasus and his wife was Dharaa. Drona spoke to Brahma: "When we are born on this earth, let the highest devotion appear in us towards Srihari, through which one is sure to attain the Supreme goal." Accordingly, the vasu, Drona was born as Nanda and Dharaa was born as Yashoda.

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