Monday, November 26, 2012

36 Bhagavatha - Shakatasura

To celebrate Krishna's turning over in the bed, Yashoda organised festivities and performed ceremonial ablutions. After the function was over, Yashoda was busy attending to the guests. She placed Krishna under a cart outside the house and put him to sleep. She carried on with zeal honouring the people of Vraja who had gathered there. She did not notice the cries of Krishna from outside. Krishna tossed up his feet and hit the cart, which turned upside down. All the vessels, containing various delicious substances, were crushed under the impact, its wheels and axle tree inverted and its pole shattered. The womenfolk along with Yashoda and Nanda rushed to the spot wondering how the cart could actually collapse by itself. Boys who were playing there, told the wondering cowherds that Krishna had actually knocked it down with his foot. Those cowherds however do not believe, assuming it to be a mere talk of children. They did not know the strength of that boy.
The demon Hiranyaksha (who was slain by Varaha) had a son, Utkacha, who was strong and powerful. Once he crushed the trees of the hermitage of the sage Lomasha. Lomasha cursed him to remain disembodied forthwith. He felt that his physical sheath was about to fall off like a slough. He fell prostrate at the feet of the sage and sought forgiveness. The sage blessed him that he would be liberated by the touch of the feet of Lord Krishna. It was Utkacha who had entered the cart in Nanda's residence in the disembodied state and was liberated by Krishna.

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