Saturday, October 27, 2012

06.  The narration of Shuka --Salvation in seven days.

Shringi goes home and laments before his father. Shamika opens his eyes, notices the snake, brushes it away, and asks the reason for Shringi's grief. The boy narrates how he has cursed Parikshit. Shamika tells the glories of Parikshit and reasons how he did not deserve the curse. The wise sage seeks pardon from the Almighty for his son's immature understanding. He also arranges to convey about the curse to the king.
Parikshit also regrets his action, and welcomes the curse as an opportunity for him to redeem himself. Giving charge of the kingdom to his son Janamejaya, and renouncing everything, he walks away to the banks of the Ganga for a fast unto death. He seeks the guidance of elders and sages around him for salvation of his soul within the limited time. As if by divine intervention, sage Sukha, the son of Vyasa, walks in and gives the solution to the king -- The listening to the stories from the Srimad Bhagavatha. Shuka also volunteers to narrate the epic. He begins his narration. 
The third verse of the Bhagavatha:
                     Nigamakalpatharoh galitham phalam ShukamukhAth amrutha drava samyutham
                     Pibatha BhAgavatham rasamAlayam muhuraho rasikA Bhuvi BhavukA:   
'O ye devotees possessing a taste for divine joy,  Srimad Bhagavatha is the fruit (essence) of the wish-yielding tree of veda (book of knowledge) dropped onto earth from the mouth of the parrot (Sage Shuka), and is full of nectar of supreme bliss.  Go on drinking this nectar repeatedly till there is consciousness left in you.'

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Thank you for this nice lesson and art in the form of this painting. Is it from you ? Can you explain what the last sentence means ? --Laziz

Srimad Bhagavatham