Saturday, October 27, 2012

05 Bhagavatha: Shringi's curse.

Parikshit, tired and thirsty amidst a hunt, enters the hermitage of Shamika rishi and asks for water. The sage, in a complete state of meditation does not respond. Parikshit, angered that he was disrespected, lifts a dead snake lying nearby with the end of his bow and throws it across the sage's shoulder. The sage doesn't notice that either. The king returns to the capital.

The sage's son, Shringi, a mere boy, was playing with his friends when he hears about this undignified act of Parikshit. Enraged, he immediately curses that the king would be bitten by the snake Takshaka in a matter of seven days. (Vyasa says, the boy releases the word-thunderbolt - 'Vagvajram visasarja...'which is illustrated here.) 

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