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62 Bhagavatha - Narakasura vadham

Indra reports to Krishna about the demon Naraka's atrocities. Naraka had snatched Varuna's (Indra's brother) umbrella, the insignia of sovereignty, and also Aditi's (Indra's mother) ear rings and evicted her from her abode in mount Mandara. Narakasura was the son of mother earth, Bhoodevi. The Lord had conferred a boon on mother earth, that Naraka would not be killed by him without her consent.
Krishna, along with Satyabhama, flies on Garuda to Pragjyotishapura, the capital of Narakasura's abode in Pragjyotisha (now Assam). Pragjyotisha was well fortified on all sides, with heavy artillery and mountain ramparts.  The was made inaccessible due to its belts of water, fire and wind, encircled with myriad snares laid by Naraka's associate and follower, the five-headed Mura. Flying with great speed on Garuda, Krishna shatters the ramparts with his mace, Kaumodaki. With his arrows and his discus Sudarshana, he destroys the fortifications of weapons, and destroys the snares with his sword.  He blows on his conch, Panchajanya. The sound, like a clap of thunder, breaks down the hearts of the gallant warriors of Mura -- and draws the demon Mura out of the waters. Brandishing his trident, the terrible demon with amazing splendour, challenged Krishna with a roar, filling the entire atmosphere. In a quick battle, Mura is killed by Krishna. His sons who retaliate, were also vanquished in a fight.
Naraka was enraged to see his generals decimated. With his army of sea-born elephants, Narakasura rushes forth at Krishna with his javelin, Shataghni; Krishna responds by sending his accurate arrows with peculiar wings. Garuda also helps by fighting the elephants with his bill, wings and claws and makes them retreat. His army thus assailed by Garuda, Naraka fights on, alone. His javelin was shaken off by Garuda, as though it were a flower garland. Naraka, riding an elephant, picks up a pike to strike at Krishna. Krishna lops off Naraka's head with his sharp-edged discus. His fallen head shone with a lovely diadem and the dazzling ear-rings of Aditi. Mother earth approaches Krishna and hands over the umbrella of Varuna, the ear-rings of Aditi, and a Vyjayanthimala (a garland of colourful forest flowers, interspersed with gems) for Krishna to wear. Bowing low, Bhoodevi extolls Krishna: " Nama: Pankajanabhaya! Nama: Pankajamaline! Though appearing as the son of Vasudeva, you are really Vishnu. You are the cause of all matter and the embodiment of perfect knowledge. Hail to you! Pray, place your palms on the head of Naraka's son, Bhagadatta and protect him." Krishna ensures security to Bhagadatta and enters the opulent palace of Naraka. He saw thousands of  warrior women, abducted from various gods, siddhas and demons, staying in that luxurious palace. In their minds, all the women set their hearts on Krishna and pray, "May he be my husband and let providence approve of this."  Krishna sent them all in closed palanquins to Dwaraka, along with valuable treasures, horses, elephants and chariots.
Krishna flies to the abode of Indra and hands over the umbrella and the ear-rings of Aditi. Indra, in turn, worships Krishna along with his consort Satyabhama.
Satyabhama urges Krishna for the Parijatha tree to be planted in her palace. Krishna uproots the tree and places it on the back of Garuda -- he vanquishes the gods who oppose him* and returns to Dwaraka.
Assuming as many forms as the brides, brought from Pragjyotishapura, Krishna espoused with due ceremony all those damsels (sixteen thousand and hundred, all of them being part manifestations of Ramaa), in different mansions severally in the same hour. He also performed his duties scrupulously as a householder, living with each spouse severally, immensely adored by each one of them.
*(Hardly moments after paying obeisance to Krishna and Satyabhama, Indra opposes Krishna,  his purpose having been accomplished.  Shukha says, although wise, the gods possessed of satva guna choose to be ungrateful out of ignorance. He says 'Accursed is opulence'.)


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