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58 Bhagavatha:  Krishna's Gurukulam at Sandipani ashram
Vasudeva and Devaki's knowledge that Balarama and Krishna were the manifestations of the Supreme held them back from loving them as their own sons. Krishna uses his own Maya so that such a knowledge did not endure. To bring joy to them he addresses them as mother and father, and expresses how a son cannot repay the debt he owes to his parents even in a hundred years. He also regrets that he did not have the privilege of serving them due to the fear of Kamsa and seeks forgiveness from them. His parents, influenced by the Lord's delusion, now treat him as their son, placing him on their lap and folding him in their arms, shedding tears of joy.
Krishna makes his maternal grand-uncle, Ugrasena, the king of Yadus: "Be pleased to command us Yadus and the people of Mathura, O King! We Yadus ought not to occupy the throne of Mathura due to the curse of Yayati. It is my desire to see you king, so no blame will come upon you."  
Krishna then approaches Nanda and embraces him: "O father! You and Ma Yashoda have nourished and fondled us with utmost care. You are our real parents, as you have treated us as your own sons, knowing that we were Vasudeva's children." With utmost reverence, he asks Nanda to return to Vraja, honouring him with loving presents. Overwhelmed with affection, Nanda hugs Krishna and Balarama and returns to Vraja.
Vasudeva, gave away cows to wise men, which he had mentally gifted to them when Krishna was born.
Balarama and Krishna, undertake a vow of brahmacharya to undergo their spiritual training at the ashram of a learned scholar, Saandipani, a revered sage and scholar from Ujjain. With devotion and a controlled mind, the brothers learn the vedas, and other auxiliary branches of learning -- phonetics, prosody, grammar, astronomy, etymology, Upanishads, Dhanurveda, Dharma shastras and the various systems of philosophy. They also learn the science of logic, the science of politics and its six branches - peace, warfare, expedition, encampment, depending on allies and causing the separation of allies etc. The brothers serve the rishi Sandipani in every possible way and also master the sixty four arts in as many days. When their education is complete, they ask for the preceptor's fee of his liking.  Sandipani, perceived the marvelous glory of the brothers and deliberates with his wife. He seeks as a fee the restoration of their child, lost in the ocean of Prabhasa.
The brothers, who  were Maharathis (car-warriors) mount their chariot and reach the shores of Prabhasa in no time. They thought for a moment. Krishna addresses the Lord of the ocean: " Let my guru's son be restored at once, which was swallowed by you in a great wave here." The ocean replies: "I did not carry away the child, O Lord! It was by the great demon, Panchajana, a daitya, who lives under the ocean in the form of a conch."
Krishna plunges into the sea and kills the demon. But he does not find the child there either. Taking the conch (which formed Panchajana's body, hence named Panchajanya), the Lord returns to his chariot.  Krishna and Balarama then proceed to the city of Yama, Samyamani.
Krishna blows the conch Panchajanya. Yama appears and offers worship on a grand scale, knowing that he is the Supreme who resides in the heart of all created beings. Yama asks them how he could be of service. Krishna asks Yama to bring his guru's son, who had been brought to Yama's abode due to his own karma. Yama obeys the command and brings the son of sage Sandipani and hands him over to Krishna. Krishna and Balarama return to Sandipani ashram and present his son to the revered guru. "Is there anything else we can do for you?"
Sandipani replies: "Your debt to your guru has been fully repaid by you both. O my child! What desires can remain unfulfilled for a guru who has disciples like you? Return to your homes, valiant ones. May the vedas remain fresh in your memory always."
With their preceptor's permission, the brothers return to their home in Mathura, driving the glorious chariot as swift as the wind. The people of Mathura rejoiced, like one having recovered their lost wealth.

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