Thursday, December 13, 2012

53 Bhagavatha: The asura Keshi is killed. 

Narada confirms to Kamsa that the female child which escaped death at his hands was Yashoda's daughter, and that Krishna is the eighth child of Devaki. He also tells that Balarama is the son of Rohini, and the brothers have been entrusted by Vasudeva to his friend Nanda. Kamsa is agitated at this revelation and draws his sword to kill Vasudeva. Narada stops him and tells him that the brothers Balarama and Krishna are ordained to be his death. Kamsa puts Devaki and Vasudeva in chains again. (Kamsa had released them earlier, repenting for his cruelty after the Yogamaya escapes his hands).

Now Kamsa sends one of his asuras Keshi to kill both Balarama and Krishna. Keshi, goes to Nanda's Vraja in the form a colossal horse, quick as thought, pounding and shaking the earth with its hoofs and terrifying all with his neighs. Placing himself in the forefront, Krishna challenges the horse who was frightening the inhabitants of Vraja. Keshi was difficult to approach, had terrible speed and looked formidable. The horse turns around and runs towards Krishna full of rage and strikes him with his legs. Dodging the legs and seizing the horse by its legs, Krishna whirled it around and flung the massive creature afar. The horse recovers from the jolt and rushes with great speed at Krishna, his mouth open with fury. Krishna smilingly thrust his left arm into its mouth, as a snake charmer would put a serpent into a hole. The teeth of Keshi fell as if touched by a heated iron rod. The arm of Krishna found its way into the body of the horse and swelled to an enormous degree. The horse's breath choked, his eyes rolled, and he was profusely sweating all over. Then the demon Keshi falls dead throwing up his legs. Krishna withdrew his arms from the body of the horse, and stood unelated, as if no effort has been made at all. He just continued to tend his cattle, bringing delight to the cowherds and the people of Vraja.

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