Tuesday, December 11, 2012

51 Bhagavatha - Govinda Pattabhishekam

Indra, having witnessed the glory of Krishna (who lifted the Goverdhana to protect Vraja) was ashamed. He seeks Krishna in a secluded place and touches his feet with his splendorous diadem of his crown. He extolls Krishna with joined palms. "O lord, you consist of pure Sattva, untouched by the other gunas. You wield the rod of punishment for maintenance of righteousness. It is for the good of the world that you assume various embodied forms, curbing the pride of those who fancy themselves to be the rulers of the world. Please forgive me, as I have disrespected you due to my pride of wealth and power. Please ordain that my mind may not stray again, deluded by my intellect. My pride has been crushed and I have been favoured by you, Lord. Hail to you, O Supreme Ruler, the inner controller of all, I seek you as my refuge!"
Krishna heartily laughed, and spoke to Indra in a voice deep as the rumbling clouds: "It was to shower my grace on you, that your worship was interrupted by me, O Indra! Let my injunctions be followed. Hold on to your office and do your duty with devotion - May all be well with you."
Surabhi (Kamadhenu), the cow of plenty descends from her realm in Goloka with her progeny. She hails Krishna : "You are the protector of the bovine race and our supreme deity, O krishna! Directed by Brahma we crown you as our king, O Govinda!"
Kamadhenu then bathes Krishna with milk from her udders. Indra also bathes Krishna with the water brought from the heavenly Ganga through Airavatha. Having thus crowned Govinda as the Ruler of the cows as well as Vraja, Indra and Surabhi return to their own realms.

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