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14 Bhagavatham
Rudra Geetam, The hymn sung by Lord Shiva, taught to the PrachetAs

In Prithu's lineage was born the blessed Barhishad. He was a righteous king well versed in yoga, the vedas and the practice of rituals. He married the beautiful Shatadruti, a daughter of the deity presiding over the ocean. They had ten sons, all known by their common name of PrachetA. They were all conversant with the moral code.
Enjoined by Barhishad to the task of procreation, the Prachetas set out to perform austerities. As they travelled, they come to a breathtakingly vast and beautiful lake. The princes hear divine music to  the accompaniment of percussion instruments. Wonderstruck, they behold Lord Shiva emerge from the lake, with his retinue. The PrachetAs bow to him. Shiva speaks to the Prachetas with compassion:
'You are all devotees of Vasudeva and as such are dear to me. Having known your intent to procreate, I have come to impart this hymn on Vasudeva, conducive to final beatitude. Repeat this hymn which was taught to us by Brahma at the dawn of creation.  Discharge your duties with a concentrated mind, and worship Vasudeva, dwelling in your heart and equally in all creatures.' 
The Prachetas propitiate Srihari by practising austerities remaining in the water, repeating the Rudra Geetam -- song praising the glories of Vasudeva.  Srihari appears in a dazzling form mounted on Garuda. The Prachetas extoll him and seek a boon, that they have the fellowship of his loving devotees in every life. Vasudeva grants it and also blesses the Prachetas with an illustrious son.
Accordingly, they marry the daughter of the trees, MArishA and beget Daksha prajapathi (reborn as a result of his slight to Lord Siva in the earlier birth).
After a long time of enjoying worldly pleasures, the Prachetas renounce everything and depart to the western seashore, to enquire into the Supreme spirit.  Their sincere quest results in the appearance of Narada.   Narada kindles in them the light of spiritual wisdom, which was taught to them by Rudra and then by Vasudeva himself.  The Prachetas contemplate on the Lord Srihari and attained to His realm.

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