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11 Bhagavatha-- Kapila and Devahuti

Kardama is one of the Prajapathis, commanded by Brahma to procreate. The sage Kardama meditates intensely on Vishnu near the lake of Bindusaras. Vishnu reveals himself and asks Kardama to marry Devahuti, the daughter of King Manu and Shatarupa. He also reveals that Kardama would beget nine daughters, besides Vishnu himself, who would be born as their son.
Accordingly, Kardama accepts Devahuti as his bride on the condition that once Devahuti begets children and they are grown up, he would renounce them.
Devahuti was married to Kardama.  She also observes austerities with the sage for many years.  Kardama, appreciating her patience and unflinching support in his austerities, creates with his yogic powers, a floating palace with heavenly lakes and gardens.  They lead a marital life for long. Nine daughters were born. In due course, the daughters are married off to renowned rishis.
Devahuti seeks Kardama to reveal her the spiritual truths. Kardama tells her that it would be Vishnu, who will be born to her as Kapila, who will initiate her into the knowledge of the self and the Supreme.
Bhagwan Kapila is born to Devahuti.  Kardama departs to the forest with Kapila's permission to continue his austerities.  Devahuti, tired and frustrated with the craving for pleasures, realises that her son was indeed her guru and asks him the truths which will dispel her ignorance. Bhagavan Kapila then begins his discourse on the Sankhya system of philosophy, which deals with the fundamental principles such as Prakrti, Purusha, Ishwara etc., the eightfold yoga, the glory of devotion and the downfall of men due to attachment. The answers of Kapila tears the veil of her ignorance. She extolls
Bhagawan Kapila.  She meditates and attains final beatitude, in a place known as Siddhapada. Kapila travels north east and spends his life in austere tapasya (meditation).

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