Tuesday, October 30, 2012

09 - Bhagavatha. The Varaha Avatara.

The brothers, Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha had conquered the four quarters with their splendour and terror.  Brahma's boon had made them very powerful and vainglorious. The younger one, Hiranyaksha, in the form of a huge boar with golden hair and fearful tusks dives into the ocean, beats the waves and disturbs the aquatic creatures, spreading fear.  He hides the earth under the ocean.  He mockingly challenges the Lord of the waters,Varuna for a combat. Varuna replies that only Vishnu could give him the satisfaction of a combat. 
Brahma, unable to begin creation, as the earth was hidden, meditates on Lord Vishnu. Vishnu, emerges from Brahma's nose as a tiny boar, the Varaha. He assumes a majestic form and with his keen sense of smell finds the earth inside the ocean. He lifts bhoomi on the ends of his tusks and surfaces. He encounters Hiranyaksha, on the lookout for a combat. Varaha, the divine boar swims away to install Bhoomi safely.
Then a terrible battle ensued between the two.  At times Varaha admired the fairness of his opponent. On Brahma's plea that he shouldn't be playing with a demon who is a threat to the inhabitants of the world, Varaha uses the Sudarshana discuss and destroys the demon's mace.  And with a light slap at the root of the demon's ear, kills him.
He was hailed by the Gods as the source of all sacrifices (yagnas).

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